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2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept

2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept

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2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept - In 2015 will reach a new Suzuki dealers within the B-segment crossover that simulates the shape of an SUV. Suzuki will be called 2013 Suzuki iV-4, measuring just 4.21 meters in length and brand managers present at the Frankfurt Motor Show, confirmed to be marketed in both front-wheel drive versions like 4×4.

2013 suzuki iv 4 concept photo

2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept front end

The Japanese manufacturer Suzuki will be in the emerging niche market for small-sized SUV, derived from segment B , one notch below the midsize SUV that start at 4.33 meters Pathfinder Nissan Qashqai and Suzuki own markets where since June of this year the SX4 S-Cross (4.30 m). Suzuki, a specialist in light vehicles and Reductase 4×4 Jimny and Grand Vitara, contribute their wisdom jacket to compete with the flood of urban and versatile alternative as Opel Mokka / Chevrolet Trax , Renault Captur , Pegueot 2008 or Ford EcoSport.

2013 Suzuki iV 4 Concept side angle photo

2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept side angle

Measures 4.21 meters long, 1.66 m high and 1.85 m wide

The Suzuki iV-4 measures 4.21 meters long, 1.66 m high and 1.85 m wide, with a wheelbase of eight feet vehicle that combines a short overhangs, both front and rear . If we add the ground clearance (without confirming the data, but by the looks of the best photos of the category) and confirmation from Suzuki 4×4 versions that will be based on AllGrip AWD system already mounts the SX4 S-Cross , it seems that Suzuki is preparing a crossover more than urban camper . Or at least that’s the illusion that leaves the prototype presented in Frankfurt, where the front grille design reminiscent of the Jimny (vertical chrome slats honeycomb grille) and the rest of the bodywork additions fill this off road look (plastic perimeter protection or chrome side sills to match the outputs of exhaust rear and front lip).

2013 Suzuki iV 4 Concept side view photo photo

2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept side view photo

There will be versions based 4×4 AWD system AllGrip

Suzuki shows suspicious when talk of mechanical or performance , and the statement merely states that it will be the SUV with the lowest CO2 emissions of final weight by low production vehicle . Another of the strengths of the model will be in the high levels of interior and exterior customization offer, which occurs to a greater or lesser extent in their future opponents, with 20-inch wheels as the prototype of the photos, body painted in two tones or colors or interior applications as varied textures. The color that is painted the prototype Suzuki iV-4 is called “Bright Turquoise Metallic” .

2013 Suzuki iV 4 Concept tail light photo

2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept tail light

That aspect hearted and high levels of customization are very typical features SUV-B subsegment

The iV-4, which Suzuki begin production in 2015 at the Hungarian Esztergom factory is planned to be marketed only with the five-door body of the gallery and make it a point of inflection in the car division of the Japanese, who regard to compatriots as Nissan or Mitsubishi has lagged far behind. With the S-Cross SX4 launched, this iV-4 up, and repositioning of models veterans like Grand Vitara and, who knows, if a renewal of the world’s smallest SUV, the Jimny , Suzuki aims to regain lost ground compared to most Japanese manufacturers on European soil.

2013 Suzuki iV 4 Concept pciture rear angle photo

2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept pciture rear angle

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