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2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

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2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG - Mercedes CLA is the new sedan coupe Mercedes . Based on the platform modular MFA Mercedes Front Wheel Drive Architecture, the Mercedes A-Class , the Mercedes CLA is 463 centimeters long, 178 wide and 144 high. The new sedan input range is built at Mercedes Hungarian Kecskemet and comes from Mercedes Style Concept Coupé , a prototype presented in 2013 in Los Angeles and at the Beijing Motor Show 2012 . Initially available only in front-wheel drive configuration, the Mercedes CLA will soon receive a 4Matic all-wheel drive, which will be made ??available on request on some engines, and will be standard on the Mercedes AMG 45 CLA .

The Mercedes CLA , to be released in April 2013, will be offered at launch with a starting price of 29,900 euro, with which you can take home a Mercedes CLA 180 petrol 122 horses. The engine range also includes the four-cylinder turbo with 156 horsepower of the Mercedes CLA 200 , on sale for € 33,200 and the 211 horses of the Mercedes CLA 250 , on sale for € 39,900. Two diesel engines, both four-cylinder 136 horsepower for the 1.8-liter Mercedes CLA 200 CDI and 170 hp for the 2.2-liter Mercedes CLA 220 CDI , which will arrive in dealerships with a list price of 38,600 euro. Very comprehensive standard equipment, with ESP, airbags, Attention Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, and many other accessories. For the most demanding customers, Mercedes also offers many options for payment, such as Blind Spot Assist, Adaptive High Beam, the Distronic Plus, or the reversing camera.

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG interior view photo

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG interior view

The Mercedes CLA was presented in preview at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 where, in an exclusive event, was also shown the new Mercedes AMG 45 CLA . The sporty version of the compact sedan coupe was thus shown to a limited audience who could appreciate the lines and finishes, and, although it is a entry-level model for the sport sedans of the Star, have proved to be excellent, so as materials and stylistic traits.

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG wallpaper photo

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG wallpaper

The new 2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG CLA is shown in his first official pictures with the debut planned for the New York Auto Show . The new sedan coupe sports car Mercedes has undergone complete treatment by Affalterbach engineers who have upgraded the engine, transmission, drive system, trim, chassis, braking system and many other mechanical parts, so to make this car extremely high performance in all conditions.

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG side view photo

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG side view

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG white rear angle photo

2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG white rear angle

The CLA 45 AMG Mercedes takes the basic structure of the Mercedes A-Class AMG , with the same modular platform MFA modified and stiffened in this sport version. The AMG Mercedes CLA 2013 also incorporates the engine and numerous mechanical parts of the Mercedes A 45 AMG , offering similar performance to the small hatchback hidden by a line even sportier, even while maintaining a comfortable interior that can accommodate up to five people.

Aesthetically, the new 2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG offers an aerodynamic kit very similar to that already seen on Mercedes A 45 AMG : new bumpers and side skirts are paired with a distinctive design alloy wheels and numerous details in carbon fiber embellish the look of the car. Some details, such as the splitter, the flic front wheels, rear-view mirrors and part of the side skirts are painted in high-gloss black, contrasting with the white of the body: the tailpipes also will feature a special black paint that will make them even more attractive. In carbon inserts embellish the interior together with leather upholstery with contrasting stitching and red inserts, as well as numerous special orientation of sports.

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