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2013 Audi Rs6 Avant

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant

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2013 Audi Rs6 Avant - The Audi R8 is the ultimate. Of all Audi is the fastest, most exciting and striking model. And it is precisely in the latter lies some as a drawback: the R8 is not exactly inconspicuous car. Moreover, it is a thoroughbred sports car and so there is only room for two passengers and a limited amount of luggage. For those looking for the ultimate Audi but do not want to compromise on practicality, there is another option: the “RS6 Avant”.

2013 audi rs6 avant photo

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant white

The heart of the 2013 Audi Rs6 Avant is formed by an engine that is as powerful as that of a supercar. However, the packaging is very different: the RS6 Avant is a large, practical station wagon. Modest is the 2013 Audi Rs6 Avant however the least. So it is quite a sheet metal “knocked out”, the car is on 20 inch rims and make the huge exhaust pipes at the rear clear clear that this is not just a typical Audi A6.

A nice detail: the available colors are all named after famous circuits. The test car was run in Suzuka gray (not white!).


Because the ultimate RS6 Audi A6, the car comes standard with all the things that are optional on other models. Think of the most precious B & O audio system, leather seats, front and rear parking cameras and “Audi MMI” . This “Multi Media Interface” combines audio, video, navigation, communication and even Internet. The operation takes some practice because Audi stubbornly refuses to work. With a touch sensitive screen
The tailgate is electrically operated and of course gives access to a luggage capacity of up to 1,680 liters. The space in the rear is good, but by the major sports seats less than in an everyday 2013 Audi Rs6 Avant.

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant side view photo

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant side view


The more than ample equipment, fine materials and ample space allow only sit gives the RS6 is already feel privileged.
When the button is pressed to start the engine, it is as if a thunderstorm is approaching: in the distance you can hear a deep thunderous sound. The knowledge that there is just a 4.0 liter eight-cylinder engine has come which is good for 560 hp / 700 Nm to life involuntarily creates the necessary tension.

Nevertheless, the 2013 Audi Rs6 Avant feels right as a stately limousine ride. Even at a very low speed is plenty of power available, making the RS6 can be. Silent Moreover, it shows how sophisticated the mechanism is. Precisely in a calm driving style Like a limousine is a calm driving style rewarded with lots of rest.
This is partly due to the new eight-speed automatic. The eighth gear is a true “overdrive” which the speed on the highway is very low. That is both the consumption and the rest for good.

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant Interior photo

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant Interior

To illustrate: 120 km / h is only 1,500 rpm. At 180 km / h pointing the needle of the tachometer thick 2500 rpm and still feels like walking pace. What also plays a role: the scale of the speedometer runs to over 300 km / h, allowing the driver is aware of only a fraction of the ability to speak.
The new eight-speed automatic, weight reduction, a stop / start system and regenerative energy is the new 2013 Audi Rs6 Avant significantly more effective (the word “economy” is not in place here) than the previous generation. When little power prompted four of the eight cylinders off to save fuel. With all these measures took the test drive, including high-speed tests, 12.2 liters per 100 km (manufacturer: 9.8 liters per 100 km).

When less gentle with the accelerator pedal is handled, the 2013 Audi Rs6 Avantshows a lot of aggression where even the most seasoned football hooligan still a lot to learn. The two turbos come to life and later put the RS6 resolute course to the horizon. Thanks to the Quattro all-wheel drive is transmitted engine power without wheel spin on the asphalt. The RS6 therefore accelerates straight and without any drama.

The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.9 seconds, a time where even supercars are not ashamed. Even at speeds well above 200 km / h remains RS6 downright aggressive accelerate. The test car was limited to 305 km / h, but according to the engineers, the engine good for over 350 km / h . Thanks to the (optional) ceramic discs (10 kg lighter than traditional discs!) Stop is just as spectacular as acceleration.

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant wallpaper photo

2013 Audi Rs6 Avant wallpaper


Not only the performance but also the handling ensure that the 2013 Audi Rs6 Avant many sports cars almost unnoticed rides search. Again thanks to the Quattro all-wheel drive is the feeling in the steering wheel feels pure and the driver exactly what is going on between the (developed custom!) Rubber and asphalt. Despite the lowered chassis and the giant wheel size, the comfort is still pretty decent.
After a certain resistance is overcome, the control is unusually sharp for a car like this. Then feel how the extremely wide tires bite into the curve and the G-forces the occupants forcibly pressing in the sides of the seats.

The difference with a “real” sports car is finally in the experience. On the circuit are low sports cars thanks to their streamlined and medium engine in favor. On the road, the difference is significantly smaller and the RS6 in favor thanks to the practical possibilities and civilized appearance. Anyone who test drive the RS6 has made however know that is only apparent: despite the good suit is a bully who can dish out powerful blows.


Audi introduces the all new RS6 Avant. As with the previous generations of the RS6 looks like a posh estate, but it is in fact an impressive sports car. This new generation convinces even more by the best of both worlds.

When it can and should, the RS6 Avant approximates the performance of a thoroughbred sports car. In a straight line is the RS6 chilling quickly. At the bend, the grip is phenomenal.

The aggression is within a fraction of a second place for rest and comfort. The kit includes everything simply to luxury and safety, Audi has and therefore this is a car that can also be enjoyed at low speed. A calm driving, the RS6 Avant as refined and comfortable as a real limousine.

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